We believe that a child’s lifelong attitude towards acquiring new skills and knowledge can be enhanced by positive experiences appropriate to his or her development.


We highly value education and believe that the key to a success lies in receiving a strong early childhood foundation. Our students learn through class circle time, hands on activities, discovery and work stations! We believe that a love for learning begins in a child’s earliest years and develops throughout their lifetime.





Discover, Play & Grow Together!

Our Programs provide quality child care/preschool services in a nurturing and safe environment where children will Discover, Play & Grow Together!

We Are Professionals

Our Teachers are caring and loving professionals, certified in Early Learning by the state of Florida. All staff is screened and required to maintain CPR/First Aid Certifications.


Research has proven that free play is one of the best things for a child’s development…it’s that simple! Education is not substituted by play, it is enriched by play. Allowing LOTS of time for play helps children naturally develop socially, physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

Critical Thinking

We believe that a child’s lifelong attitude towards acquiring new skills and knowledge can be enhanced by positive experiences appropriate to his or her development.


Planet Learning has chosen “Learn Every Day” as the basis to provide rich, well planned and organized learning opportunities for the children. Our curriculum incorporates language arts, mathematics, social sciences, music and art into our program through hands on activities and dramatic play. Our program helps children develop their self worth, communication skills, thinking skills, creativity and independence. Our curriculum provides each child with the best possible means to achieve his/her maximum potential and equip each child with concepts, skills, attitudes and values that will ensure success in school and in life.


Our staff is committed in proving you and your child with the best quality care in childcare. Our teachers are required to complete a background investigation and maintain Florida State requirements on Early Childhood Education. Our teachers and aides are carefully chosen for their experience and training.


We encourage celebrating your child’s special day at our center. Due to State Regulations, Planet Learning requests that all foods and treats be brought in their original container. Parents should arrange the celebration in advance and bring enough food for the entire class. Birthday parties are celebrated after nap time.


Planet Learning is a participant in the CCFP (Child Care Food Program). The CCFP provides children with free or reduced meals that are both age appropriate and nutritious. We serve breakfast until 8:30 am. Lunch is served at 11:00 am. An afternoon snack is served at 2:30pm. Weekly menus will be posted in the front reception and on our website for your convenience.
*Any diet restrictions and/or allergies should be noted on the registration packet and brought to the teacher and Director’s attention.


Planet Learning, Inc. does not discriminate against race, color, religion or gender in our enrollment.
Planet Learning, Inc is an equal opportunity employer.